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There are many opportunities to contribute to a successful hockey season. In fact, we need everyone to pitch in and help. Unlike our home organizations, we do not collect volunteer fees. We are a small group of families, and it is obvious when individuals are not contributing. Some of the areas of help, vary based on timing within the season.  Some positions are more involved than others.

Coaches – Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Student Coaches.  All coaches must be SafeSport trained as well as completing the coaching models and training through USA Hockey. See the coaching tab for more information.

Team Managers – the main role of a team manager is to organize families for tournaments, social/parties, travel logistics, compliance with rules. The role is meant to be a central contact for the team, for other teams to work out any logistics (confirmation, cancellations, rescheduling.)  Team managers are the direct link between coaches and families.  Managers ensure that all necessary forms and team fees are collected. A monthly report should be distributed to all families on the team and the president regarding the team funds.  Managers must take the SafeSport training.

Fundraising – Historically our fundraising has been relatively organic. We could use focus to raise funds to support growth initiatives and support activities beyond regular hockey activities.

Locker room moms – we introduced this role last year. All moms are encouraged to take SafeSport compliance training, so they can monitor locker rooms before and after games and practices. Dads and any other male family members are not allowed in the locker rooms.  It is important that someone is always in and near the locker room to ensure behavior meets USA Hockey standards. This role is a significant contributor to improving ice utilization, as it allows coaches to hit the ice on-time and prepared to start practice.

Schedulers – This role is most active in the early parts of the season to schedule games with opponents. This can be an iterative process, but if you are organized and able to manage spreadsheets, this could be a good job for you. We tend to have schedulers plan games for all 3 teams, that way we can trade/balance ice and travel as an organization.

Jersey ordering/sizing – Colleen Jensen/Heather Sheppard – Set events or individual meet ups to allow girls to try on jerseys and socks. Collect orders and checks. Early season role.

Spirit wear – Heather Sheppard – We have a variety of suppliers over the years, and are open to more, especially if you have skills or relationships with vendors.

Website/Social Media – Heather Sheppard has taken over the website and social media.

Hockey Clinic Chairperson – As a key tactic for recruitment, we need to plan and “staff” for activities that will generate a funnel of new girls. This role would be responsible for organizing these events, but these activities will require a team of volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these roles please contact Mike Hopkins.