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What equipment do I need to buy and where do I get it?  Does it have to be top of the line?  Does it have to be brand new?

Your daughter will need a HECC certified helmet with a cage, a mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, a jill (female pelvic protector), breezers (hockey pants), shin guards, neck guard, hockey socks (for over the shin guards), hockey skates, a jersey, and a hockey stick.  You will also need a hockey bag to store your daughter’s equipment.

Hockey Skates: When buying hockey skates you will need to have them “baked”.  The store will warm the skates and then your daughter will be asked to put them on and sit and wait until they cool.  This forms the boot of the skate to your daughter’s foot.  The store will also sharpen them for you.  Your daughter’s skates will need to be sharpened throughout the season.  Most hockey stores and rinks offer skate sharpening… some even have skate sharpening cards.

Laces: There are traditional laces and waxed laces.  Waxed laces are just that - laces with a layer of wax so they do not move when tightened in the skate eyelets.  This is personal preference.

Hockey Sticks:  You daughter’s stick should be as tall as her nose in skates/chin in regular shoes.  There are left handed & right handed sticks.  Not sure which way she shoots?  Try both options and see what feel more natural to her.  If your daughter is a younger player, a straight stick may be used until she develops a preference.  The blade of the stick along with the top of the shaft is usually wrapped in hockey tape.  Once the blade is taped, a layer of hockey wax should be applied to waterproof the tape.

You can purchase brand new equipment or used.  More expensive doesn't mean better. As your daughter grows, you can get a couple years out of most hockey equipment.  It’s your job to check and make sure everything fits properly and nothing needs to be replaced.

We recommend going to a local store to be fitted for the equipment.  You can certainly take note of the sizes and shop online.  Most local hockey stores do price matching with online retailers.  Depending on your parent association - they typically hold an equipment resale at the beginning of the season.  Another option is buy/sell/trade hockey equipment groups pages on Facebook.  

Here are some local hockey stores to check out:

Hockey Haven Superstore

Hockey Locker

Hockey Zone

Pure Hockey